Ribfest 4 Homes
August 8, 2015         1 - 5 pm


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          7th Annual  Ribfest 4 Homes
                     Rib Cook-off
             A Success for many reasons!


                    Why we do Ribfest!  Let our participants tell you why.

    It’s a great cause, and that’s what it’s all about
…Kyle Markway, Competitor

Yes it is—and worth repeating seven times now.    Three homes behind us now, and we are well on our way to the fourth.   The parish works hard to support Ribfest and Habitat Builds.  Ribfest adds to the funds necessary to build homes, and so much more. 

    It’s the best thing going.  People have to work, and people appreciate it more when you have to work for it
... Bob White, Habitat Volunteer

    They have to have so many hours in before they’re even eligible for a house
…Betty White, Habitat Volunteer

Habitat for Humanity has several requirements that the applicant must meet before they are eligible to purchase the home.  Among these are:

            Community service hours

            Participation in building a Habitat House

            Class work covering ownership responsibilities

            Good employment record

            Down payment on the home, followed with mortgage payments

    The biggest benefit of setting up our booth here is to gain exposure.  The more we get our name out there the better
…Kay Manners, Journey of Hope Executive Director

Our Non-Profit guests have the opportunity to share their purpose and service to the community each year.  You may have visited one of their booths and become more informed.  I did, and learned a lot. 

    It’s about giving back to the community.  It’s not just about barbecuing.  We don’t have too many community involvement events in Loudon.  It’s an event for good family fun.  We are all gobbled up!  Everybody just wanted to try something different, and I think they were able to do that
…Frank McCall, Competitor

Resurrection reaches out to the community through Ribfest.  Our competitors, musicians, vendors, volunteers, neighbors, and guests all pitched in to share with the community—and by participating, help form a stronger community.  The 2015 Ribfest 4 Homes was by all measurements a success, and well worth doing!    

Cal Van Koughnett
Ribfest Director

Participant quotes from the News Herald article of 12 August written by Heidi Lara.

    Helping local families to realize the dream of owning a home

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